JIU/NOTE/1978/2 Note on Staff Welfare in the United Nations, some Specialized Agencies and IAEA King, Mr. Cecil Ensemble du système
JIU/NOTE/1978/1 Expanded preliminary note on a new system for agency support costs Plusieurs organisations
JIU/NOTE/77/2 Note on Health Insurance Schemes in the United Nations system Cha, Mr. Chandra S. , Sohm, Mr. Earl Ensemble du système
JIU/NOTE/77/1 Note on the recruitment of staff in the professional category in the United Nations system Bertrand, Mr. Maurice Ensemble du système
JIU/NOTE/75/1 Note on harmonization of programme budget presentation Bertrand, Mr. Maurice Ensemble du système
JIU/NOTE/74/1 Note on future accommodation of the International Computing Centre (ITC) King, Mr. Cecil Une seule organisation
JIU/NOTE/1973/1 Note on the use of consultants and experts in the United Nations Une seule organisation
JIU/NOTE/72/1 Note on UNESCO's programming methods and the definition of its objectives Bertrand, Mr. Maurice Une seule organisation

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