Oversight and Coordination Bodies

The Unit coordinates regularly with other United Nations oversight and coordination bodies, including the Board of Auditors (BoA) and the United Nation's Office of Internal Oversight Services (OIOS), to avoid duplications and overlaps in oversight work, and minimize gaps in coverage. JIU takes part in annual “tripartite” meetings with the BoA and OIOS senior representatives to discuss oversight coordination. It also holds bilateral ad hoc meetings at working level, with these entities, to plan and coordinate respective work programmes, and also share experiences, knowledge, best practices and lessons learned. The Unit also meets on a regular basis with  the United Nations Independent Audit Adivsory Committee (IAAC).

Moreover, JIU has worked on fostering relations with other relevant United Nations system oversight and coordination bodies. It participates as an observer, in several professional audit, evaluation and investigation forums, including the: