Supplementary papers

Supplementary/Complementary papers are documents prepared by the Joint Inspection Unit to provide additional information and figures in the context of the issuance of a report or a note. Typically, the focus is on survey results, comparative studies, infographics, etc. These papers are not JIU official documents and are not officially edited. They are mostly available in English only.

Reference Title
JIU/REP/2023/9             Review of the quality, effectiveness, efficiency, and sustainability of health insurance schemes in the United Nations system organizations 
Complementary Papers

Comparative Study of Health Insurance Schemes in JIU’s Participating Organizations & Overview of the Global Staff Survey Results 

JIU/REP/2023/8                Review of the use of non-staff personnel and related contractual modalities in the United Nations system organizations
Supplementary Papers Results of the Survey to Non-Staff Personnel
JIU/REP/2022/1 Review of management and administration in the United Nations Human Settlements Programme
Supplementary Papers  Results of the UN-Habitat Staff Survey
JIU/NOTE/2022/1 Review of the measures and mechanisms for addressing racism and racial discrimination in United Nations system organizations
Complementary Papers This complementary file provides 30 documents that support the evidence and references made in the JIU Note. The first section briefs on the review and its findings, while the second section contains the documentation of the review organized in four chapters (I to IV), as outlined below.