According to article 19 of the JIU's Statute, the inspectors are assisted by an Executive Secretary and by staff members, as authorized in the Unit’s budget. The JIU Secretariat consists of the Executive Secretary, eight Evaluation and Inspection Officers, one Investigator, one Associate Research Officer, four Research Assistants dedicated to evaluations and inspections and five support staff.

Executive Secretary - Mr. Uren Pillay

Staff members

Front Office: Tel.: +(41) 22 9173044

  • Vant Sant, Ms. Ellen


Senior Evaluation Inspection Officer

  • Figus, Ms. Elena
  • Hermie, Mr. Vincent


Evaluation and Inspection Officers

  • Capello, Ms. Alexandra
  • Helck, Mr. Stefan
  • Ito, Ms. Eriko
  • Jaiyen, Ms. Kamolmas
  • Sallam, Ms. Rana



  • Samoulada, Ms. Alexandra


Associate Evaluation Officer

  • Soule, Ms. Fernanda


Junior Professional Officer

  • Min, Ms.  Hwa-hyun


Research Assistants

  • Baudat, Mr. Hervé
  • Bricks, Ms. Eleyeba
  • Mitchell, Ms. Vicki
  • Nemehjargal, Ms. Byambaa


Senior Research and Quality Control Assistant

  • Otradnova, Ms. Olga


Information Systems/Research Assistant

  • Herrera, Mr. José Andrés


Administrative Assistant

  • Duquesne, Ms. Annick


Information Assistant

  • Okallo, Ms. Carren