Inspectors of the Joint Inspection Unit

The Unit consists of not more than eleven Inspectors, including a Chair and a Vice-Chair. Inspectors are appointed by the General Assembly based on their experience in national or international administrative and financial matters, including management questions, taking into account the principle of equitable geographical distribution and reasonable rotation. Inspectors serve in their personal capacity and are appointed for a term of five years, renewable once. The Chair and Vice-Chair are elected each year by the Unit.

Since 1968, there have been 92 Inspectors, including 9 women. They have the broadest powers of investigation in all matters having a bearing on the efficiency of the services and the proper use of funds and, to these ends, may make on-the-spot inquiries and investigations. They are mandated to provide an independent view through inspections and evaluations aimed at improving management and methods and at achieving greater coordination between organizations.


Joint Inspection Unit Inspectors (L to R): Mr. Mohanad Ali Omran Al-Musawi (Iraq), Mr. Gaeimelwe Goitsemang (Botswana), Mr. Victor Moraru (Republic of Moldova), Mr. Conrod Cecil Hunte (Antigua and Barbuda), Ms. Gönke Roscher (Germany), Ms. Carolina Fernández Opazo (Chair, Mexico), Ms. Eileen Cronin (United States of America), Mr. Jesús Miranda Hita (Vice-Chair, Spain), Mr. Toshiya Hoshino (Japan), Mr. Pavel Chernikov (Russian Federation), Mr. Uren Pillay (Executive Secretary), and Mr. Tesfa Alem Seyoum (Eritrea).

This picture shows the Inspectors at their Winter Session in January 2023.