Standards & Procedures

The management of JIU's evaluation, inspection and investigation function follows a professional evaluation methodology that involves stakeholders at various stages. It is, governed by the JIU statute, which represents the overall evaluation policy for JIU, complemented by a set of standards and procedures, including:

  • JIU Standards and Guidelines (A/51/34/Annex I)  (A/68/34/Annex VII),
  • JIU Internal Working Procedures; JIU Norms and Standards for evaluation in line with the United Nations Evaluation Group (UNEG) Norms and Standards;
  • Yardsticks for report preparation - a four-phase project management methodology, with estimated time for each phase to allow planning and resource allocation.

Project phases include:

  • Phase 1: Planning and preparation
  • Phase 2: Data collection and analysis.
  • Phase 3: External comments
  • Phase 4: Finalization; outreach and knowledge sharing.

JIU Standards and Guidelines were developed following the General Assembly resolution 50/233. They provide a definition of evaluations, inspections and investigations, as well as the general principles that apply to their selection, planning, conduct and reporting, in accordance with the JIU Statute.