UNAIDS Programme Coordinating Board finds value in the the JIU's management and administrative review of UNAIDS

On 11 December 2019, the Inspectors Eileen A. Cronin and Keiko Kamioka presented their Management and Administrative Review of UNAIDS to the UNAIDS Programme Coordinating Board (PCB).


Member States, co-sponsoring organizations and NGO representatives welcomed the report. They appreciated the recommendations towards strengthening governance and accountability of the PCB and recognized the value of the review for UNAIDS. The PCB decided to establish a working group to review the JIU recommendations addressed to the PCB and provide a report with implementation options for the 47th session of the PCB in December 2020.


UNAIDS is grateful for the work of the JIU and highlighted its commitment in the management response to the JIU report to implement all recommendations directed at the secretariat and the Joint Programme. The PCB requested the Executive Director to respond, in consultation with the co-sponsors, to those recommendations. The PCB also requested the co-sponsors to bring the report to the attention of their respective governing bodies.


For a snapshot of the JIU report on UNAIDS, please read the review highlights here.