JIU/REP/2019/4 Review of change management in United Nations system organizations

The present review is about change management in organizational reforms across the United Nations system. Close to 20 per cent of United Nations system organizational reforms over the past decade focused on what needed to change in terms of structures, systems, and processes, but did not address how it should change, and the management of that change, including: preparing, equipping and supporting individuals to successfully adopt that change in order to drive organizational success and outcomes. This focus on people in the change process is the essence of change management.

The present review highlights the significance of change management as a strategic priority worthy of consideration by governing bodies. It provides guidance to management on the critical elements of successful change management, and on how these can be applied in United Nations system organizations. The Inspectors made six recommendations to ensure that change management approaches and methods are embedded in current and future United Nations system organizational reforms. To read the report, please click on the title of this story.