JIU releases its annual report for 2019 and programme of work for 2020 to the UN General Assembly (A/74/34)

Inspector Eileen A. Cronin, Chair, and Inspector Keiko Kamioka, Vice-Chair of the JIU for 2020, are pleased to share the Joint Inspection Unit (JIU) 2019 annual report and 2020 programme of work.

What's in the JIU's annual report?

To learn more about JIU's activities, programme of work and its strategic approach for the years ahead - please access the report through the link below.

Chapter I covers the overview of activities in 2019 including summaries of the nine reports that were completed in the year. Hyperlinks in each case will take you to the full report.
Chapter II provides an overall outlook for 2020 and Chapter III introduces the programme of work  for 2020 with a brief description of each of the six new projects.

In this year’s annual report, the JIU is also pleased to present its strategic framework for 2020-29 as an annex to the report. As a part of the strategic framework are two tables – one that shows the results, indicators and performance criteria for 2020-29 and another that is a performance assessment of the JIU’s previous strategic framework which covered the period 2010–2019.

To read the 2019 annual report, click here

To read the JIU programme of work for 2020, click here