JIU engages in a dialogue with the executives of its participating organizations

Following the periodic meeting with the management committee of the United Nations Secretariat since July 2021, JIU initiated a series of high-level meetings with the heads of its participating organizations. The JIU bureau composed of Inspector Flores Callejas as chair and Inspector Roscher as vice-chair met the executive heads and other officials of ILO, ITU, UNOG, WHO, WIPO and WMO to discuss interactions between the Unit and the organizations. The cooperation shown by participating organizations, their support in data collection such as responding to questionnaires together with the effort made in facilitating interactions, of particular relevance since COVID-19 outbreak, were acknowledged and praised by JIU as an essential aspect of the oversight work conducted by the Unit. JIU provided an overview of the implementation of its current programme of work and of the expected releases of reports during the year and drew attention on the importance of the consideration of reports by governing bodies. These sessions also provided a chance to review the rates of acceptance and implementation of the recommendations made by the Unit to the organizations. Talks are to continue later this month, the next sessions concerning the Rome-based entities, FAO and WFP and this dialogue will culminate in September 2021 with the 6th biennial meeting of JIU focal points within the participating organizations to be held virtually.