JIU Chair Inspector Prom-Jackson presents JIU annual report for 2018 and programme of work 2019 to the General Assembly

On March 11 2019, the JIU Chair Inspector Sukai Prom-Jackson introduced the annual report of the Unit (A/73/34) to the members of the Fifth Committee. Every year the Unit has the opportunity to present to Member States an account of its activities for the past year and an outline of its programme of work for the year to come. Inspector Prom-Jackson outlined the unique comparative advantage of the Unit to conduct its system-wide mandate for inspection, evaluation, and investigation. She stressed the efforts of the Unit to more systematically align its work with United Nations system-wide priorities addressing the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the ongoing reforms.

The discussions at the Fifth Committee saw a broad range of questions put forward by the representatives of Member States. Statements were made by the Observer State of Palestine (on behalf of the Group of 77 and China) and the representatives of the United States, the Republic of Moldova and the Russian Federation. In addition to the references made to the reports released in 2018 such as the review of whistleblower policies, the review of policy research uptake and on South-South Cooperation; common themes of interest included the follow-up and implementation of JIU recommendations by the participating organizations and the elaboration of the Strategic Framework of the Unit (2020-2029).

>> Click here to access the Annual report in English (the Annual Report is also available in the other official UN languages on the respective versions of the JIU website).