Farewell to three Inspectors leaving the Unit

December 2020 marked the departure of Ms. Aicha Afifi (Morocco), Mr. Petru Dumitriu (Romania) and Mr. Jeremiah Kramer (Canada), who served the Joint Inspections Unit for a five-year term since 2016.

Mr. Kramer brought to the Unit his extensive professional experience in the fields of evaluation, budgeting, finance, accountability, oversight, strategic planning and programme management. At the JIU, Inspector Kramer has led 2 system-wide reports promoting efficiency of  administrative support services, one on staff exchange and inter-agency mobility measures, and co-authored a system-wide review of common premises in the United Nations system. He was the JIU Chair for two years, representing the Unit in various forums.

Before joining JIU, Ms. Aicha Afifi, served as a highly ranked public servant and brought her extensive professional and academic experience in public administration, management, diplomacy, research, feasibility studies, project management, teaching, international development and gender issues. As part of the JIU, Inspector Afifi has led one system-wide report on audit and oversight committees, as well as the one on air travel policies in the United Nations system. Furthermore, Ms. Aicha Afifi also co-authored the review of whistle-blowers policies and practices and the report on management and administration in the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean.

Mr. Petru Dumitriu’s professional experience spans the fields of diplomacy, multilateral affairs, human rights, foreign trade, international economic cooperation, teaching and research. Within the Joint Inspection Unit, Inspector Dumitriu has led 5 system-wide reports on policies and platforms in support of learning, policy research strengthening in the context of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, private sector partnership arrangements, and knowledge management in the United Nations system, and co-authored one review on cloud computing services management.

In January 2021, three new Inspectors joined the Joint Inspection Unit for a 5-year term: Mr. Jesús Miranda Hita (Spain), Mr. Victor Moraru (Republic of Moldova) and Mr. Tesfa Alem Seyoum (Eritrea).