Inspector Prom Jackson at Workshop for Member States on the Revised UNICEF Evaluation Policy

Inspector Sukai Prom-Jackson was invited by the UNICEF Evaluation Office (NY) to a Workshop for Member States on the Revised UNICEF Evaluation Policy. As a member of an expert panel including Susanne Frueh, Chair of UNEG and Director of UNECSO Internal Oversight Service and Deborah Rugg, Executive Director of Claremont Evaluation Center New York. Inspector Prom Jackson presented on Creating a dynamic, responsive and responsible evaluation system through a forward looking evaluation policy. Her presentation drew on JIU studies and reports of the past 5 years including the analysis of the evaluation function in the UN system, lessons from the implementation of the GA policy on Independent System-wide evaluation of operational activities for development, results-based management in the UN system. The findings from these reports highlight current changes and challenges and implications for transformations needed in the evaluation function of the UN System to enhance its relevance, efficiency, effectiveness, impact and sustainability and its value for the 2030 Agenda.