JIU/REP/2023/2 (ILO Training Center)

At ILO Training Center, Inspectors Roscher and Miranda-Hita present JIU findings and recommendations on the internal pre-tribunal-stage appeal mechanisms available to staff of the United Nations system organizations

Following the issuance of their report, Inspectors Roscher and Miranda-Hita were invited by the ILO training center (Turin) to discuss the findings and recommendations for managing employment disputes effectively in international organizations.

Their interview is available at: https://vimeo.com/906851434/ed3b226ea9

Main points included in the report:

The pre-tribunal stage appeal mechanisms pertain to the internal stage of the formal process of employment-related dispute resolution. To date, these have not been at the center of attention of internal and external oversight functions. In its groundbreaking effort, the JIU has mapped the diversity of pre-tribunal-stage appeal mechanisms available to staff across the United Nations system organizations who wish to formally challenge administrative decisions internally.

The review finds that many United Nations system organizations have made substantial changes towards upgrading their system of internal justice since 2009. However, the accessibility of legal support for staff can be uneven and may require adjustments to improve their access.

In the pursuit of improving internal appeal mechanisms available to staff, the review puts forth seven formal recommendations, five of which are addressed to the executive heads and two to the legislative organs and governing bodies of the United Nations system organizations for action. These are complemented by twenty-five informal recommendations.

The full report is available on the JIU website.