JIU concludes self-assessment exercise

In 2022, the Unit completed a comprehensive self-assessment exercise under the terms of reference and the benchmark framework developed for that purpose in 2021 and the first part of 2022. The aim of the self-assessment was to propose improvements to the Unit’s work in line with an assessment of the current situation from both a strategic and an operational perspective and to consider the evolution in that regard since the previous self-evaluation, which was held in 2013. This internal exercise covered the following areas:

  • Implementation of the recommendations from the previous self-evaluation, undertaken in 2013;
  • Internal and external stakeholders’ perceptions with regard to aspects of the Unit’s functioning, including the delivery of its mandate in accordance with its statute and pertinent resolutions of the legislative organs, and the quality, usefulness and impact of its reports, notes and other products;
  • Relevance and responsiveness of the Unit’s programme of work and planning process;
  • Adequacy and utilization of the Unit’s human and financial resources, and effectiveness of its internal regulatory framework;
  • Effectiveness and efficiency of the Unit’s internal processes, including data collection, information management processes, information technology tools, outreach and communication, and quality assurance mechanisms;
  • Quality, usefulness and impact of the Unit’s reports and recommendations.

The Unit will be addressing and implementing accepted recommendations over the next three years and will provide updates in the Unit’s annual reports.

Summary of the Self Assessment