Сетевая система отслеживания рекомендаций

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The JIU began tracking actions taken by legislative bodies on recommendations in 1998. This tracking system evolved over the years to respond to repeated requests by the General Assembly to strengthen the Unit’s follow-up on the implementation of its recommendations.

In 2012, the Web-Based Tracking System (WBTS) was introduced, as the first web-based follow-up system in the United Nations. The General Assembly resolution 65/270 authorized the United Nations Secretariat to commit financially for the development of the system, encouraging other participating organizations to follow suit. The majority of them agreed to fund this project on a cost-sharing basis.

The online tracking system was successfully rolled out and brought significant improvement in the way JIU is able to generate statistics and to follow up on the acceptance and implementation of its recommendations. It allows participating organizations to input their comments and actions taken on the recommendations by the executive heads and/or governing bodies. 

Feedback received from users in the JIU secretariat and in the participating organizations indicated overall satisfaction with the system in place and its functionalities. Using the information available in the WBTS, the Unit has started to produce a comprehensive series of management letters analysing the acceptance and implementation of its recommendations by each of its participating organizations, highlighting good practices and suggesting improvements where needed. The system is clearly serving as a critical tool for the dialogue of the Unit with its participating organizations, and member States of the participating organizations, who also have access to the system.

The WBTS can be accessed here. (Password protected)