Принятие и выполнение рекомендаций

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In recent years, the Unit has made considerable investments to improve its capacity to track the acceptance and implementation of recommendations, in accordance with several requests of the General Assembly. The Web-Based Tracking System has brought significant improvements in this regard; not only does it allow participating organizations to access and update the status of recommendations, but it also serves as a tool for reporting and statistical analysis. Recently, efforts have been undertaken to upgrade the system to improve statistical reporting even more. In this way, the JIU has been able to track its work in a more efficient and effective manner, embodying principles it stands for.

The following improvements have been noticed since the introduction of the Tracking System:

The average rate of acceptance of recommendations has been rising from 65% after 2014 to 68% after 2016, and implementation of recommendations has been rising as well from 82% after 2014 to 85% after 2016.