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collapse Year : 2014 ‎(1)
JIU_NOTE_2014_1_English.pdfJIU/NOTE/2014/1Use of retirees and staff retained beyond the mandatory age of separation at United Nations organizationsPapa Louis FALL; Cihan TERZISystem-wide2014
collapse Year : 2013 ‎(2)
JIU_NOTE_2013_2_English.pdfJIU/NOTE/2013/2Review of Management and Administration in the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC)Jorge FLORES CALLEJAS; Even FONTAINE ORTIZSingle organization2013
JIU_NOTE_2013_1_English.pdfJIU/NOTE/2013/1Reference Checks in the United Nations system organizationsPapa Louis FALL; Nikolay V. CHULKOVSystem-wide2013
collapse Year : 2012 ‎(4)
JIU_NOTE_2012_4_English.pdfJIU/NOTE/2012/4Flexible working arrangements in the United Nations system organizationsM.Deborah WYNESSystem-wide2012
JIU_NOTE_2012_3_English.pdfJIU/NOTE/2012/3Staff recruitment in United Nations system organizations: a comparative analysis and benchmarking framework: Gender balance and geographical distributionPapa Louis FALL; Yishan ZHANGSystem-wide2012
JIU_NOTE_2012_2_English.pdfJIU/NOTE/2012/2Staff recruitment in United Nations system organizations: a comparative analysis and benchmarking framework. The recruitment process.Papa Louis FALL; Yishan ZHANGSystem-wide2012
JIU_NOTE_2012_1_English.pdfJIU/NOTE/2012/1Staff recruitment in United Nations system organizations: a comparative analysis and benchmarking framework. Institutional framework.Papa Louis FALL; Yishan ZHANGSystem-wide2012
collapse Year : 2011 ‎(1)
JIU_NOTE_2011_1_English.pdfJIU/NOTE/2011/1Procurement reforms in the United Nations systemCihan TERZI; Istvan POSTASingle organization2011
collapse Year : 2009 ‎(2)
JIU_NOTE_2009_2_English.pdfJIU/NOTE/2009/2Internships in the United Nations systemM.Deborah WYNES; Istvan POSTASystem-wide2009
JIU_NOTE_2009_1_English.pdfJIU/NOTE/2009/1Corporate sponsoring in the United Nations system. Principles and guidelinesPapa Louis FALLSystem-wide2009
collapse Year : 2008 ‎(4)
JIU_NOTE_2008_4_English.pdfJIU/NOTE/2008/4Corporate consultancies in United Nations system organizations. Overview of the use of corporate consultancy and procurement and contract management issuesCihan TERZI; Istvan POSTASystem-wide2008
JIU_NOTE_2008_3_English.pdfJIU/NOTE/2008/3Review of the United Nations Humanitarian Air Service (UNHAS)Tadanori INOMATASeveral Organizations2008
JIU_NOTE_2008_2_English.pdfJIU/NOTE/2008/2Common services at the locations of United Nations Regional CommissionsGérard BIRAUD; Istvan POSTASeveral Organizations2008
JIU_NOTE_2008_1_English.pdfJIU/NOTE/2008/1Common services at NairobiM.Deborah WYNES; Muhammad YUSSUFSeveral Organizations2008
collapse Year : 2007 ‎(2)
JIU_NOTE_2007_2_English.pdfJIU/NOTE/2007/2Review of selected telecommunication issues and use of voice over internet protocol technologies in the United Nations system organizationsJuan Luis LARRABURE; Istvan POSTASystem-wide2007
JIU_NOTE_2007_1_English.pdfJIU/NOTE/2007/1Review of management and administration of the United Nations Office at GenevaJuan Luis LARRABURE; Even FONTAINE ORTIZSingle organization2007
collapse Year : 2006 ‎(1)
JIU_NOTE_2006_1_English.pdfJIU/NOTE/2006/1Goodwill ambassadors in the United Nations systemPapa Louis FALL; Guanting TANGSeveral Organizations2006
collapse Year : 2005 ‎(2)
JIU_NOTE_2005_2_English.pdfJIU/NOTE/2005/2Review of the management of the United Nations Laissez-PasserWolfgang MÜNCH; Guanting TANG; M.Deborah WYNESSystem-wide2005
JIU_NOTE_2005_1_English.pdfJIU/NOTE/2005/1Review of the implementation of results-based management in the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO)Even FONTAINE ORTIZ; Muhammad YUSSUFSingle organization2005
collapse Year : 2004 ‎(1)
JIU_NOTE_2004_1_English.pdfJIU/NOTE/2004/1Knowledge management at the International Labour OrganizationJoint Inspection UnitSingle organization2004
collapse Year : 2002 ‎(3)
JIU_NOTE_2002_3_English.pdfJIU/NOTE/2002/3The Option of a Lump-Sum Payment as an alternative to the traditional shipment entitlements of Staff: An overview of selected United Nations system organizationsWolfgang MÜNCHSystem-wide2002
JIU_NOTE_2002_2_English.pdfJIU/NOTE/2002/2United Nations system regional presence and coordination: The case of Arab countriesKhalil I. OTHMANSystem-wide2002
JIU_NOTE_2002_1_English.pdfJIU/NOTE/2002/1Senior-level appointments in the United Nations specialized agencies and the International Atomic Energy AgencyEduard KUDRYAVTSEVSystem-wide2002
collapse Year : 2000 ‎(5)
JIU_NOTE_2000_5_English.pdfJIU/NOTE/2000/5Handling of JIU reports by UNESCOSumihiro KUYAMASingle organization2000
JIU_NOTE_2000_4_English.pdfJIU/NOTE/2000/4Handling of JIU reports by IAEASumihiro KUYAMASingle organization2000
JIU_NOTE_2000_3_English.pdfJIU/NOTE/2000/3Handling of JIU reports by UNIDOSumihiro KUYAMASingle organization2000UN comments
JIU_NOTE_2000_2_Enlish.pdfJIU/NOTE/2000/2Handling of JIU reports by WFPSumihiro KUYAMASingle organization2000
JIU_NOTE_2000_1_English.pdfJIU/NOTE/2000/1Handling of JIU reports by IMOSumihiro KUYAMASingle organization2000
collapse Year : 1999 ‎(10)
JIU_NOTE_1999_10_English.pdfJIU/NOTE/1999/10Handling of JIU reports by ICAOSumihiro KUYAMASingle organization1999
JIU_NOTE_1999_9_English.pdfJIU/NOTE/1999/9Handling of JIU reports by UNICEFSumihiro KUYAMASingle organization1999
JIU_NOTE_1999_8_English.pdfJIU/NOTE/1999/8Handling of JIU reports by UNDPSumihiro KUYAMASingle organization1999
JIU_NOTE_1999_7_English.pdfJIU/NOTE/1999/7Handling of JIU reports by UPUSumihiro KUYAMASingle organization1999
JIU_NOTE_1999_6_English.pdfJIU/NOTE/1999/6Handling of JIU reports by ITUSumihiro KUYAMASingle organization1999
JIU_NOTE_1999_5_English.pdfJIU/NOTE/1999/5Handling of JIU reports by WIPOSumihiro KUYAMASingle organization1999
JIU_NOTE_1999_4_English.pdfJIU/NOTE/99/4Handling of JIU reports by WMOSumihiro KUYAMASingle organization1999
JIU_NOTE_1999_3_English.pdfJIU/NOTE/99/3Handling of JIU reports by ILOSumihiro KUYAMASingle organization1999
JIU_NOTE_1999_2_English.pdfJIU/NOTE/99/2Handling of JIU reports by FAOSumihiro KUYAMASingle organization1999
JIU_NOTE_1999_1_English.pdfJIU/NOTE/99/1Handling of JIU reports by WHOSumihiro KUYAMASingle organization1999
collapse Year : 1993 ‎(1)
JIU_NOTE_1993_1_English.pdfJIU/NOTE/93/1Note on an Agenda for Peace. Some reflections on Chapter IX - FinancingFrancesco MEZZALAMASystem-wide1993
collapse Year : 1992 ‎(1)
JIU_NOTE_1992_1_English.pdfJIU/NOTE/1992/1Some proposals for improving the peace-keeping operations of the United NationsAndrzej ABRASZEWSKI; Richard V. HENNESSeveral Organizations1992
collapse Year : 1991 ‎(2)
JIU_NOTE_1991_2_English.pdfJIU/NOTE/1991/2Note on contingency margin of United Nations Industrial Development Organization budgetSiegfried SCHUMMSingle organization1991
JIU_NOTE_1991_1_English.pdfJIU/NOTE/1991/1Note on transport operations of the United Nations Children's Fund (Programming and Management issues)Siegfried SCHUMMSingle organization1991
collapse Year : 1988 ‎(2)
JIU_NOTE_1988_2_English.pdfJIU/NOTE/1988/2Note on the administration of sick leave in the United NationsEnrique FERRER-VIEYRA; Richard V. HENNES; Norman WILLIAMSSingle organization1988
JIU_NOTE_1988_1_English.pdfJIU/NOTE/1988/1Note on removal costsEnrique FERRER-VIEYRASystem-wide1988
collapse Year : 1987 ‎(2)
JIU_NOTE_1987_1_English.pdfJIU/NOTE/87/1Note on the establishment of an internal evaluation system in the International Maritime OrganizationRichard V. HENNES; Kahono MARTOHADINEGOROSingle organization1987
JIU_NOTE_1987_2_English.pdfJIU/NOTE/87/2Note on the cost/benefit of the construction of an ECLAC officeEnrique FERRER-VIEYRA; Norman WILLIAMSSingle organization1987
collapse Year : 1984 ‎(1)
JIU_NOTE_1984_1_English.pdfJIU/NOTE/84/1Note on a management review of the Joint Nordic-UNESCO Communication Project in Africa (Phase 1)Mark E. ALLENSingle organization1984
collapse Year : 1981 ‎(1)
JIU_NOTE_1981_1_English.pdfJIU/NOTE/81/1Note on guide to agencies and offices of the United Nations system active in the water fieldJulio C. RODRIGUEZ-ARIASSeveral Organizations1981ACC comments
collapse Year : 1980 ‎(1)
JIU_NOTE_1980_1_English.pdfJIU/NOTE/80/1Note on the Asian and Oceanic Postal Training School (AOPTS)Julio C. RODRIGUEZ-ARIASSingle organization1980
collapse Year : 1979 ‎(1)
JIU_NOTE_1979_1_English.pdfJIU/NOTE/1979/1Note on the Arab Broadcasting and Television Training Centre (ABTTC) in Damascus (Syrian Arab Republic)Zakaria SIBAHISingle organization1979
collapse Year : 1978 ‎(2)
JIU_NOTE_1978_2_English.pdfJIU/NOTE/1978/2Note on Staff Welfare in the United Nations, some Specialized Agencies and IAEACecil E. KINGSystem-wide1978
JIU_NOTE_1978_1_English.pdfJIU/NOTE/1978/1Expanded preliminary note on a new system for agency support costsJoint Inspection UnitSeveral Organizations1978
collapse Year : 1977 ‎(2)
JIU_NOTE_1977_2_English.pdfJIU/NOTE/77/2Note on Health Insurance Schemes in the United Nations systemChandra S. JHA; Earl D. SOHMSystem-wide1977
JIU_NOTE_1977_1_English.pdfJIU/NOTE/77/1Note on the recruitment of staff in the professional category in the United Nations systemMaurice BERTRANDSystem-wide1977
collapse Year : 1975 ‎(1)
JIU_NOTE_1975_1_English.pdfJIU/NOTE/75/1Note on harmonization of programme budget presentationMaurice BERTRANDSystem-wide1975
collapse Year : 1974 ‎(1)
JIU_NOTE_1974_1_English.pdfJIU/NOTE/74/1Note on future accommodation of the International Computing Centre (ITC)Cecil E. KINGSingle organization1974
collapse Year : 1973 ‎(1)
JIU_NOTE_1973_1_English.pdfJIU/NOTE/1973/1Note on the use of consultants and experts in the United NationsJoint Inspection UnitSingle organization1973
collapse Year : 1972 ‎(1)
JIU_NOTE_1972_1_English.pdfJIU/NOTE/72/1Note on UNESCO's programming methods and the definition of its objectivesMaurice BERTRANDSingle organization1972