The Joint Inspection Unit (JIU) is responsible to the United Nations General Assembly, and to the competent legislative organs of those specialized agencies and other international organizations within the United Nations system, which have accepted its statute (JIU statute article 1).
The conduct of system-wide oversight work involves many stakeholders. To facilitate the dialogue process, each participating organization has nominated a focal point for interaction with the JIU. Thanks to the proactive support of these focal points, the secretariats of participating organizations are involved in the preparation and consideration of JIU reports, notes and management/confidential letters through a participatory process, which can entail:

  • Participation in questionnaires and surveys for collecting data and management/staff views;
  • Participation in interviews conducted during on-site missions or through telephone/video conference;
  • Comments on draft reports, notes and management/confidential letters, on factual accuracy, substantive issues and “smart” aspect of recommendations;      
  • Formal comments on the final output; and ·         
  • Dissemination of reports/notes, scheduling consideration of reports by legislative bodies and the preparation of summaries for consideration by legislative bodies;·         
  • Reporting on acceptance, implementation and impact of recommendations. In September 2010, the first meeting gathering all focal points of POs was hosted by the Unit in Geneva (See the event report) 

During the evaluation process, all participating organizations have at least two opportunities to comment on JIU reports, to correct factual errors and provide substantive comments during the drafting stage of a report, and give overall comments, notably concerning recommendations, once a report has been finalized.


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