The Joint Inspection Unit (JIU) was created on an experimental basis under General Assembly (GA) resolution 2150 (XXI) in 1966 and extended under its resolutions 2735 A (XXV) of 17 December 1970 and 2924 B (XXVII) of 24 November 1972. The Unit was finally established by the GA as its subsidiary organ in resolution 31/192 of 22 December 1976.

The General Assembly provides guidance to the work of the Unit. At its 55th session (2000), it decided to consider JIU issues on an annual basis, to monitor closely JIU’s performance, and support the Unit’s continuous improvements, in terms of efficiency, effectiveness and impact across the UN System. Issues repeatedly addressed by the General Assembly resolutions include:
• topics and scope of JIU reports;

• the need for an effective follow-up system of JIU recommendations;

• JIU’s cooperation with other oversight bodies.


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