JIU Focal Points meeting

5th biennial meeting of the JIU Focal Points 21-22 February 2019

The first JIU focal points meeting was convened in Geneva in 2010, in response to a recommendation from the United Nations General Assembly to “further strengthening of the interaction between the Unit and focal points identified by the participating organizations” (A/RES/65/270).

The meetings are held biennially, providing an opportunity for focal points to gather with the Inspectors and the staff of the JIU secretariat, as well with their counterparts in other participating organizations, to discuss and enhance working practices.

About 50 participants from the JIU and the 28 United Nations entities that have accepted its statute are expected to join the Fifth Focal Point Meeting taking place in Geneva on 21 and-22 February 2019.

About JIU Focal points

JIU Focal Points are individuals in each participating organization designated by the Executive Head to facilitate the cooperation between the organization and the JIU.  The role of JIU Focal Points is key to ensure continuous exchange of information and effective collaboration and coordination on JIU programme of work by coordinating the provision of proposals topics from within their organizations for the JIU programme of work and  providing support for projects at various stages of the review process:  including facilitating data collection and planning on-site missions; coordinating organizations comments on draft reports; ensuring consideration of reports by the executive heads and governing bodies of their organization and updating the status of action on  recommendations.

Agenda of the meeting

Day 1 – 21 February

Session 1:  Overview of the JIU 2019 Programme of Work
Sessions 2 and 4: Role of JIU Focal Points – Enhancing effectiveness and working relationship
Session 3: Key Note Speakers:
Ms. Jan Beagle, USG for Management and Chair of the HLCM; and
Mr. Achim Steiner, Administrator of the UNDP

Day 2 – 22 February

Session 5: Preparing the JIU Strategic Framework for 2020-2029
Session 6: Value of JIU Outputs: implementation and impact of JIU recommendations
Optional session: Overview of the Web- Based Tracking System